Monday, July 28, 2014

Final Brackets

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Scenes From The Championship Match

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Andrew Jankowski watches his drive on 13. 
Shane MacDonald chips out of trouble.
Jim Jankowski launches a drive. 

All eyes are on Nick MacDonald, whose put is on the lip.

Andrew Jankowski sends one skyward.
Jim Jankowski watches his putt. 
Nick MacDonald's chariot awaits on 1. 
The wheeled-gallery watches Shane MacDonald.

MacDonalds Continue TKI Run

Fathers Shane MacDonald, left, and Jim Jankowski, second from left, 
congratulate each other's sons, Andrew Jankowski and Nick MacDonald on
the 17th green.
HANOVER – After Nick MacDonald’s birdie on the 17th hole clinched the 39th Tommy Keane Invitational championship by a 2&1 score over the father-son team of Jim and Andrew Jankowski, Shane MacDonald tossed the one-liner of the tournament at his son.
“Nick,” he said, “you had a hell of a weekend. How much do I owe you?”
 The victory marks the fourth time in the past six years that at least one of the MacDonalds has won the tournament, held each year on the final full weekend in July.
Shane MacDonald, who teamed with Andy Hydorn to earn a share of the 2003 title, won it with Hydorn again in 2009 and with Nick in 2010. In 2012 Nick MacDonald, a former All-New England first-team and Division I PING All-Northeast Region standout at the University of Hartford, won it with DJ Lantz.
For the Jankowskis, who both played golf at Dartmouth, the match marked their first appearance in the Championship flight final.
“We’ve been in the semis a bunch of times,” Jim Jankowski said. “It’s good competition and to do it with Andrew is fabulous. He played very, very well all weekend long. It was a ton of fun to be there with him, and to play against Nick and Shane.
“There weren’t any surprises. We just didn’t make enough birdies to neutralize Nick. We know how good he is. He was just a little too strong for us this afternoon.”
The Jankowkis advanced to the final with a 2&1 win over Hydorn and Scott Peters in a rain-interrupted morning match.  The MacDonalds, meanwhile, were moving on with a 1-up win over Mike Pollard and Doug Daniels.
After Nick MacDonald drove the green and birdied the par-4 third hole to put his team ahead in the championship match, Shane pulled out his putter and birdied 4 from about 10 feet off the green for a two-hole lead.
It was Nick MacDonald’s turn to perform a little magic of his own on 7.
“Nick was 30 feet away and I’m 20 feet away figuring Nick is going to help me with the line because we were on similar lines,” explained Jim Jankowski. “And Nick goes and drains it on me. I’m thinking maybe we are going to get one back and Nick puts them 3-up.”
A MacDonald bogey and subsequent birdie kept the difference at three until Andrew Jankowski’s lengthy approach hit the pin on 11 and he drained a three-footer for birdie.
After a MacDonald bogey on 15 and a Jankowski par the difference was one, although the Jankowskis may well have been even or ahead if not for some nifty putting by their opponents.
“What was impressive is when they got in trouble both NIck and Shane sunk 10-footers for par to keep them in position,” said Jim Jankowski. “They probably did that three times where we felt like we had a chance. Their short games were really solid.”
When neither team could convert birdie putts on 16 the match hung in the balance when long-hitting Nick MacDonald hit his third shot close on the par-5 17th hole.
“A lot of people try to hit sand wedges or lob wedges from where I was and fly it to the back tier,” he said. “I always take a 9-iron or pitching wedge and hit it low and land it on the front tier and let it run up there, so the spin doesn’t affect it as much.”
He made the short comebacker for birdie to clinch the  win it surprised no one.
“NIck is so solid,” Jim Jankowski said. “He’s a national level amateur player. He’s that good.”
No one has to tell that to Shane MacDonald, who enjoyed playing against old friends and had a blast playing with his son, who is getting married in three weeks.
“It’s always fun to play with Nick,” he said. “I went home last night and I said, ‘You know what, I’m out there playing with NIck and I keep forgetting he’s my son. I just think he’s a buddy.’
“He’s such a good player that it’s easy. He knows I can play good or I can play bad. He spends more time making sure I don’t feel bad for not playing good and helping him. It’s almost like he’s the father now.”
New Yorkers Josh Hilderbrand and Josh Wilson posted a 4&3 win over Torrey Viger and Matt Wood in the First flight final while the team of Tom Keane and Kevin Johnston took a 2&1 win over Joe and Mike Yukica in the Second flight.

Brothers Ben and Tom Peters won the Third flight.


Brackets, story and photos to come . . .

1. MacDonald-MacDonald def. 5. Pollard-Daniels, 1-Up
15. Jankowski-Jankowski def. 2. Peters-Hydorn, 19 holes
1. MacDonald-MacDonald def.15. Jankowski-Jankowski, 2&1

5. Viger-Wood def. 1. House-Fay, 2&1
3. Wilson-Hildebrand def. 7. Donnelly-Hazard, 3&2
3. Wilson-Hildebrand def. 5. Viger-Wood, 4&3

8. Keane-Johnston def. 13. Hardy-Goodrow, 2&1
2. Yukica-Yukica def. 3. Demment-Demment, 1-Up
8. Keane-Johnston def. 2. Yukica-Yukica, 1-Up

Peters-Peters def. Downes-Kenney

MacDonalds Claim Title

The father-son team of Shane and Nick MacDonald used a Nick birdie on 17 to post a 2&1 win over the father-son team of Jim and Andrew Jankowski for the championship of the Tommy Keane.

Story and final brackets to follow (after first taking care of the newspaper ;-)

Championship Set

It will be the Mac Donalds against the Jankowskis for the championship of the 39th annual Tommy King Invitational.

The final match will begin shortly (2:15 or so). The weather looks a good deal better than it did several hours ago. There could still be a little thunder and perhaps some sprinkles, but it would appear they are going to get this in. Check in tonight for full results and a story.

Back On The Course

Action has resumed at Hanover Country Club after a delay lasting about 90 minutes. The leaders are around the turn.

The rain has stopped and the sky has lightened -- somewhat. The forecast for this afternoon is dicey and as I type this a few minutes after noon I think I'm hearing a distant rumble. Time will tell . . .

While We Wait . . .

Another hole in one today.

Josh Wilson aced No. 4. Yesterday it was Zach Temple with a one-bounce hole-in-on on 12.

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's raining heavily in Hanover but the bigger problem is the thunder boomers. Play has been halted on Championship Sunday. Judging by the forecast, if/when they get back out there they will be dodging raindrops. Full coverage after whatever is going to happen happens.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Brackets

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The Old And The New – TKI Style

Jay Harvey, Benny Hayes, Nate Choukas and Chris Lincoln enjoyed an
inter-generational match in Saturday morning's Championship flight competition.
HANOVER – Thetford’s Chris Lincoln has been pairing up with former Middlebury College soccer teammate Jay Harvey for a handful of years in the Tommy Keane Invitational and in Friday qualifying they carded a 71 to earn a berth in the Championship flight for the first time.

That was the good news. The bad news was that when they stepped to the first tee Saturday morning they found themselves shaking hands with Benny Hayes and Nate Choukas, who qualified with a 66. The former Hanover High School golf captains are 40-or-so years their juniors.

“I was having flashbacks to playing against older gentlemen when I was that age,” said Harvey, who works as a consultant in Hilton Head, S.C., and comes back to New England just to play in the TKI. “It was fun seeing their swings and the power and accuracy they had.”

The match between old and new was all even until a Choukas birdie on 9 helped spur the younger players to a 3&2 win.

For Lincoln and Harvey, the morning round was a foreshadowing of what would come in the afternoon consolation round when they found themselves going head-to-head with Zach Temple and Mark Lyford, another pair of young turks.

Temple hit a 6-iron to a foot on 12 and watched as the ball took one hop an plopped into the cup for a hole-in-one. He and Lyford went on to a 4&3 win.

“I think I’m tired of 18-year-olds,” a joking Lincoln said after finishing his second round of the day.

Matchups between veterans like Harvey and Lincoln – the two-time defending Hanover Country Club senior champion – and young players like Choukas and Hayes are a hallmark of the Tommy Keane.

“I think it’s great,” Lincoln said between Viagra jokes. “This is the best tournament because it’s all about golf. It’s gross scores. There are no strokes being given. I doesn’t matter who you are playing or how old they are. You just go out and play pure golf.”

While Choukas and Hayes had youth on their side, Lincoln and Harvey had something else going for them, according to the latter.

“When you are older you have experience,” he said. “You get up and down. When we were hitting hybrids to 10 feet from the pin it could have rattled them a little bit. But they stayed steady and played their games. They just outmuscled us at the end.

“I used to hit it 280,” Harvey went on, “and now I hit it 230, 240. Many holes they didn’t even hit their driver, and they were still 20 or 30 yards past us with hybrids and four-woods. The couple times they hit driver I would guess they were 300, 310.”

While they were younger and longer, nothing was given to his team, according to Choukas, who will play next year at Trinity College in Connecticut after taking a gap year.

“We were playing two different games,” he said. “If I’m putting the ball into play I have wedge into every hole whereas those guys know how to get up and down. I might be able to intimidate them if I am hitting the ball well, but if they are getting up and down from everywhere and I’m three-putting then it’s going to go the other way.”

It wasn’t until Choukas’ birdie on 9 that Hayes, who had a strong freshman year at the University of Puget Sound last fall, began to relax.

“We were thinking it could go either way until then,” he said. “Those guys aren’t as long as us, but they know how to putt and they know how to chip.”

Although Lincoln and Harvey dropped their first-ever Championship flight match, they enjoyed the chance to tee it up against two of the better young players around.

“We had nothing to lose,” said Harvey. “No one expected us to beat them and we hung in against two very good players.

“They are gentlemen. They are kids who know the game. Not just the game of golf but the spirit of the game.”

Choukas and Hayes saw their own run in the Championship flight come to an end when they fell to Mike Pollard and Doug Daniels on the 18th hole in their afternoon match.

“We had them early and to be honest, it was ours to lose and we lost it,” said Hayes. “I had a 3-putt on 17 from about 12 feet and that didn’t help. We had our chances and didn’t capitalize. That’s golf.”

No matter if you are 18 or you are 58.


Nick and Shane MacDonald will square off with Pollard and Daniels in one Championship flight semifinal and Scott Peters and Andy Hydorn will take on Jim and Andrew Jankowski in the other.

The final match of the 39th annual Tommy Keane Invitational will be Sunday afternoon.

Saturday Scores

Brackets and story to come . . .



1. MacDonald-MacDonald def. 16. Obar-Vielleus, 3&2
9. Mullen-Mullen def. 8. McGannon-McGannon, 1-Up
4. Choukas-Hayes def. 13. Lincoln-Harvey, 3&2
5. Pollard-Daniels def. 4. Temple-Lyford, 1-Up
15. Jankowski-Jankowski def. 2. Cable-Hathorn, 19 holes
10. Williamson-King def. 7. Peraza-Bogue, 3&2
3. Peters-Hydorn def. 14. Robitaille-Hosser, 3&2
8. Cashman-Hynes def. 11 Keane-Kelly, 4&3

1. MacDonald-MacDonald def. 9. Mullen-Mullen, 5&4
5. Pollard-Daniels def. 4. Choukas-Hayes, 1-Up
15. Jankowski-Jankowski def. 10. Williamson-King, 2-Up
3. Peters-Hydorn def. 8. Cashman-Hynes, 19 holes

Sunday Morning
1. MacDonald-MacDonald vs. 5. Pollard-Daniels
3. Peters-Hydorn vs. 15. Jankowski-Jankowski


1. House-Fay def. 16. Kelly-Roberge, 1-up
8. Carr-Spruck def. 9 Pollard-Vesali, 2&1
4. Campbell-Trottier def. 13. Hall-Fr1.echette, 4&3
5. Viger-Wood def. 12. Smith-Lane, 5&3
2. Keane-Sass def. 15. Blaisdell-O’Hara, 2&1
7. Donnelly-Hazard def. 10. Bentivoglio-Bentivoglio, 1-Up
3. Wilson-Hildebrand def. 14. Keane-Sullivan, 4&3
6. King-Gaudreau def. 11 Donahue-McCarthy, 5&3

1. House-Fay def. 8. Carr-Spruck, 5&4
5. Viger-Wood def. 4. Campbell-Trottier, 5&4
7. Donnelly-Hazard def. 2. Keane-Sass, 2&1
3. Wilson-Hildebrand def. 6.King-Gaudreau, 2&1

Sunday Morning
1. House-Fay vs. 5. Viger-Wood
3. Wilson-Hildebrand  vs. 7. Donnelly-Hazard


1. Fittro-Genest def. 16. Whitman-Whitman, 5&4
8. Keane-Johnston def. 9. Cioffi-Cioffi, 5&4
13. Hardy-Goodrow def. 4. McCaddin-Wetmore, 19 holes
12. Winslow-Mellow def. 5. Wyand-Norton, 2&1
2. Yukica-Yukica def. 15. Barlow-Hennessey, 1-Up
10. Lamborghini-McNeil def. 7. Sinclair-Robblee, 3&2
3. Demment-Demment def. 14. Candido-Cable, 6&5
6. Bergeron-Dodds def. 11. Jacobs-Fitzgerald, 4&3

8. Keane-Johnston def. Fittro-Genest, 20 holes
13. Hardy-Goodrow def. 12. Winslow-Mellow, 2&1
2. Yukica-Yukica def. 10. Lamborghini-McNeil, 1-Up
3. Demment-Demment def. 6. Bergeron-Dodds, 1-Up

Sunday Morning8. Keane-Johnston vs. 13. Hardy-Goodrow
2. Yukica-Yukica vs. 3. Demment-Demment 

Third Flight
Peters-Peters def. Mock-Mock, 3-0
Downes-Kenney def. Campbell-Williams, 3-0

AfternoonPeters-Peters def. Campbell-Williams, 3-0
Downes-Kenney def. Mock-Mock, 3-0

Sunday Morning
Peters-Peters vs. Downes-Kenney
Campbell-Williams vs. Mock-Mock

5:45 Update . . . Sort Of

No scores but a few results in the last update before the big one.

In the Championship flight, McDonald-MacDonald advanced and will face the winner of Choukas-Hayes and Pollard-Daniels, which is still going on.

In the bottom of the bracket, Peters-Hydorn moved on and will face the winner of Jankowski-Jankowski vs. Williamson-King.

In the First flight, House-Fay will play Viger-Wood and Donnelly-Hazard will take on Wilson-Hilderband.

In the Second flight it is Keane-Johnston against Hardy-Goodrow and Yukica-Yukica vs. Demment-Demment.

The Third flight scores aren't up yet.

Check back tonight for full brackets and a story.

3:45 Update

Nothin' much happening but things should start hopping soon.

Only result in is Viger-Wood with a 5&4 win over Campbell-Trotter in the First flight.

More when it comes in.

2:30 Third Flight Update

Morning Matches

Peters-Peters 3, Mock-Mock 0

Downes-Kenney 3, Campbell-Williams 0

Afternoon Matches

Peters-Peters vs. Campbell-Williams (in progress)

Downes-Kenney vs. Mock-Mock (in progress)

2 P.M. Update

Top three flights are complete. Still "efforting" the third.

Click to enlarge. Check back again at 3-ish ;-)

1 P.M. Bracket Update

Three results in from the Championship flight. First flight is complete. Nothing yet from second or third. Next update around 2 p.m.

Click brackets to enlarge.

Not So Fast

It is slow going at the Tommy Keane this morning. Whether that means the teams are playing slowly, the matches are particularly competitive or a combination of the two, I've been warned not to expect much in the way of results until perhaps 2 p.m.

That being the case, enjoy your crossword puzzle or take the pup for an extended walk because it's going to be a while. Catch you in a bit.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Brotherhood Of The Tommy Keane

Tom Peters goes low to line up a putt on the second green while brother Ben
checks the line from above. The brothers were teamed up for the first time
in an event their dad, Scott, has won six times. (Click photo to enlarge) 

HANOVER – Friday’s qualifying round in the 39th annual Tommy Keane Invitational golf tournament at Hanover Country Club might have been the slowest 18 holes Scott Peters has played in the event in many a year.

That’s OK with the onetime Hanover High School standout who has challenged land-speed records on the Dartmouth College course in years past. And not just because he and partner Andy Hydorn toured the par-71 layout in a nifty six-under 65, behind only medalists Nick and Shane MacDonald (63), and Mitch Cable and Mike Hathorn (64).

The slower-than-usual round was OK with Peters because the other team in his group was made up of a couple of former Hanover High players with whom he is intimately familiar, sons Ben and Tom.
“It was great to have them out here together for the first time,” said Peters, who has won the Keane six times with his brother Mike. “Playing with them didn’t take me back as much as it took me forward, because it showed the Tommy Keane tradition is moving forward.

“It is neat that the tradition is being passed on. I’m glad Ben and Tom and the younger players are enthusiastic about what the Tommy Keane is and what it’s all about.”

Ben Peters, 21, will be a senior business major at the University of Vermont in the fall while Tom Peters, 18, will be a freshman at West Virginia University.

“I’ve been kind of waiting until he was 18 and old enough to play,” said Ben, still scraping rust off his game after spending part of the summer studying business in China. “I played with (Hanover High teammate) Shane Wolter the past couple of years and we had a blast. But once Tom turned 18 I wanted to play with him and keep the ‘Brothers Peters,” thing going on.”

Tom Peters, who has seen his 5:30 a.m. shift on the Hanover Country Club grounds crew cut into his own rounds this summer, never considered playing with anyone but his older brother once he was eligible for the tournament.

“That was a decision made long before this year,” he said. “Seeing my dad and my uncle play together so many times, it only made sense that I would play with Ben once I was 18.”

Proud grandfather Seaver Peters, who years ago took on the role of tournament announcer after his final Tommy Keane as a player, took satisfaction in seeing the next generation of Peters brothers tee it up in an event that is clearly special to him.

“It was a great thrill to see them come out and play together,” Seaver Peters said, “and it was really fun to see them play with their dad.

“They are part of the younger contingent that is the future of this tournament. It’s refreshing to have the younger players here. It has been a pleasant surprise and helps solidify the future.”

If Tom Peters has his way, that future will be long and healthy.

“It’s not just a weekend’s worth of golf,” he explained. “Everyone who plays is always in a good mood. You get to play with anyone you want, but you also meet a lot of new people.

“Match play is always fun. No matter what skill you are, there are going to be people you can have a good match against, and that’s important. I’d definitely recommend playing in this tournament for anyone coming up. I’m not even halfway trhough my first one and I’m already having a great time.”

Like his brother, Ben Peters has been around the Tommy Keane virtually all his young life.
“I remember always coming out and watching the last day with my mom,” he said. “Then when I was old enough to work here, as soon as I was off I would get in a cart and go out and see how it was going.

“It’s a fun tournament to watch and to play in. It’s the most fun weekend I have golfing. Whether you play well or you play badly, it’s good to be out here.”

While their dad’s team was lighting up the course, Ben and Tom shot an 89, but even that disappointment couldn’t tarnish an experience they have been waiting to enjoy together.

“We didn’t hit it great but it was awesome anyway,” said Ben Peters. “It was just really fun to play with my brother and my dad, and it’s always a treat to be in this tournament, no matter how we played.”

If it pleased their old man that his sons have come to appreciate the tradition of the Tommy Keane, he might have been just as pleased by how they reacted to a score that wasn’t what they wanted.

“They probably handled today better than their father and uncle would have,” Scott Peters said with a chuckle. “I remember the year after we won it for the first time, we came back and we didn’t even make the championship flight. That was humble pie.”

This year’s tournament is certainly a lot more satisfying for Scott Peters, who has heard his father’s voice come over the PA system introducing three Peters for the first time.

“This is a special tournament for the Keanes,” Scott Peters said. “But I think it’s just about as important to our family as it is to theirs.”

Nick and Shane MacDonald, who teamed up to win the 2010 Tommy Keane, recorded eight birdies in a bogey-free round to finish atop the leaderboard. Nick MacDonald did yeoman work, shooting a 66 on his own ball.

Awaiting the father-son team from Lebanon is a tough opening match Saturday against Hartford alums Jake Obar and Bill Vielleux, who came in at even-par 71. Obar teamed with Rex Whitney for a win in the ’06 Tommy Keane.

Second-seeded Hurricane veterans Mitch Cable and Mike Hathorn will take on the father-son team of Jim and Andrew Jankowski, who came in with 71.

One shot behind the Peters-Hydorn team was the pairing of recent Hanover High grads Nate Choukas and Benny Hayes, who shot a blistering 29 on the front and finished at 66.

Action in three flights continues with morning and afternoon matches Saturday. The championship will be determined after morning and afternoon matches Sunday.

Saturday Morning Brackets

Here are the brackets for Saturday morning. Click to enlarge (and maybe click again, depending on your system.) Be sure to double-check your tee time.

McDonalds Medal With 63

All the scores are in. Check back tonight for the brackets and a Day One story/recap.

Hanover Country Club – Par 71
63 Shane MacDonald-Nick MacDonald
64 Mitch Cable-Mike Hathorn
65 Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn
66 Nate Choukas-Ben Hayes
67 Doug Daniels-Mike Pollard
67 Dean Cashman-Chris Hynes
68 Henry McGannon-Jim McGannon
68 Dan Peraza-Pete Bogue
69 Jay Mullen-Aaron Mullen
70 Doug Williamson-Jeff King
70 Mark Lyford-Zach Temple
70 Matt Keane-Tyler Kelly
71 Jim Jankowski-Andrew Jankowski
71 Tyler Hosser-Peter Robitaille
71 Jake Obar-Bill Vielleux
71 Jay Harvey-Chris Lincoln
72 Josh Wilson-Josh Hildebrand
72 Chris House-Ryan Fay
72 Chris Keane-Dillon Sass
72 Dan Campbell-Nick Trottier
73 John Donnelly-Rowley Hazard
73 Torrey Viger-Matt Wood
73 Joe King-Peter Gaudreau
74 Charlie Carr-Matt Spruck
75 Zach Pollard-Sal Visali
76 Paolo Bentivoglio-Antonio Bentivoglio
76 Bob Donahue-Tim McCarthy
76 Terry Hall-Jeff Frechette
76 Gary Smith-Matt Lane
77 Taylor Fittro-Greg Genest
77 Michael Kelley-George Roberge
77 Mark McCaddin-Rick Wetmore
77 Joe Yukica-Mike Yukica
77 Jim Keane-Kevin Sullivan
77 Ken Blaisdell-Kevin O’Hara
77 Roger Demment-Tag Demment
78 Tim Wyand-Patrick Norton
78 Ryan Bergeron-Cody Dodds
79 Scott Sinclair-Joe Roblee
80 Tom Keane-Kevin Johnston
81 Dave Cioffi-Ron Cioffi
82 Tim McNeil-Jack Lamborghini
83 Tim Winslow-Andey Mellow
83 Greg Hardy-Ken Goodrow
83 Bob Jacobs-Dan Fitzgerald
84 Dom Candido-Jeff Cable
84 David Barlow-John Hennessey
88 Lars Whitman-Marc Whitman
89 Ben Peters-Tom Peters
91 Bill Downes-Mike Kenney
96 Evan Campbell-Stuart Williams
112 Justin Mock-Christian Mock

4:30 Update

65 Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn
67 Doug Daniels-Mike Pollard
68 Henry McGannon-Jim McGannon
69 Jay Mullen-Aaron Mullen
70 Doug Williamson-Jeff King
70 Mark Lyford-Zach Temple
70 Matt Keane-Tyler Kelly
71 Jim Jankowski-Andrew Jankowski
71 Tyler Hosser-Peter Robitaille
71 Jake Obar-Bill Vielleux
71 Jay Harvey-Chris Lincoln
72 Josh Wilson-Josh Hildebrand
72 Chris House-Ryan Fay
72 Chris Keane-Dillon Sass
73 John Donnelly-Rowley Hazard
73 Torrey Viger-Matt Wood
76 Paolo Bentivoglio-Antonio Bentivoglio
76 Bob Donahue-Tim McCarthy
76 Terry Hall-Jeff Frechette
77 Taylor Fittro-Greg Genest
77 Michael Kelley-George Roberge
77 Mark McCaddin-Rick Wetmore
77 Joe Yukica-Mike Yukica
77 Jim Keane-Kevin Sullivan
77 Ken Blaisdell-Kevin O’Hara
78 Tim Wyand-Patrick Norton
79 Scott Sinclair-Joe Roblee
80 Tom Keane-Kevin Johnston
82 Tim McNeil-Jack Lamborghini
83 Tim Winslow-Andey Mellow
83 Greg Hardy-Ken Goodrow
83 Bob Jacobs-Dan Fitzgerald
84 Dom Candido-Jeff Cable
84 David Barlow-John Hennessey
88 Lars Whitman-Marc Whitman
89 Ben Peters-Tom Peters
91 Bill Downes-Mike Kenney
112 Justin Mock-Christian Mock

3:30 Update

65 Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn
67 Doug Daniels-Mike Pollard
68 Henry McGannon-Jim McGannon
69 Jay Mullen-Aaron Mullen
70 Doug Williamson-Jeff King
70 Mark Lyford-Zach Temple
71 Jim Jankowski-Andrew Jankowski
71 Tyler Hosser-Peter Robitaille
71 Jake Obar-Bill Vielleux
71 Jay Harvey-Chris Lincoln
72 Josh Wilson-Josh Hildebrand
72 Chris House-Ryan Fay
73 John Donnelly-Rowley Hazard
73 Torrey Viger-Matt Wood
76 Paolo Bentivoglio-Antonio Bentivoglio
77 Taylor Fittro-Greg Genest
77 Michael Kelley-George Roberge
77 Mark McCaddin-Rick Wetmore
77 Joe Yukica-Mike Yukica
83 Tim Winslow-Andey Mellow
83 Greg Hardy-Ken Goodrow
83 Bob Jacobs-Dan Fitzgerald
84 Dom Candido-Jeff Cable
88 Lars Whitman-Marc Whitman
89 Ben Peters-Tom Peters
112 Justin Mock-Christian Mock

2:30 Scoring Update

65 Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn
67 Doug Daniels-Mike Pollard
68 Henry McGannon-Jim McGannon
70 Doug Williamson-Jeff King
71 Jim Jankowski-Andrew Jankowski
71 Tyler Hosser-Peter Robitaille
72 Josh Wilson-Josh Hildebrand
73 John Donnelly-Rowley Hazard
73 Torrey Viger-Matt Wood
83 Tim Winslow-Andey Mellow
83 Greg Hardy-Ken Goodrow
84 Dom Candido-Jeff Cable
88 Lars Whitman-Marc Whitman
89 Ben Peters-Tom Peters
112 Justin Mock-Christian Mock

Once again, the hope is to post updated scores as close to "on the half hour" as possible until the final group is in. There will be a full wrap-up tonight along with brackets for tomorrow's start of match play.
1:30 Update – Eight groups in.

65 Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn
68 Henry McGannon-Jim McGannon
70 Doug Williamson-Jeff King
71 Jim Jankowski-Andrew Jankowski
71 Tyler Hosser-Peter Robitaille
73 John Donnelly-Rowley Hazard
84 Dom Candido-Jeff Cable
89 Ben Peters-Tom Peters

First Group In

12:30 update under Chamber of Commerce skies:

No surprise. The team of Scott Peters and Andy Hydorn carded a 65 to set an early standard for the TKI. Check back on the half hours throughout the day for scoring updates.

And They're Off

Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn and Tom-Ben Peters just finished hole 2. Hourly updates after they finish. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here We Go

HANOVER – At least one member of every championship team since 2000 will be teeing it up at Hanover Country Club in Friday qualifying for the Tommy Keane Invitational.

Now in its 39th renewal, the Four Ball tournament honors Tommy Keane, who coached golf at Dartmouth College and served as head professional at Hanover Country Club from 1922 until 1966. Keane finished his career with a record of 305-176-5 with his 1934 team claiming the New England championship and his ’41 team being crowned Eastern Intercollegiate Tournament champions.

A total of 52 teams will take part in qualifying that will determine flights for match play Saturday and Sunday.

“This is one of the unique tournaments in New England because it’s a gross event,” said Hanover Country Club pro Alex Kirk. “There are no handicaps. There’s good competition with everyone flighted based on their ability.

“We have 52 teams and we’re starting to see some new ones this year, with some even coming over from the Seacoast. I think we’re seeing a little turning of the tide with the next wave of players starting to come along. They are grabbing some of their friends and having a good time. There’s good comaraderie that you can already see with the guys out on the back deck after their practice round.”

Former Hartford High School standouts Jake Obar and Joe Toland teamed up a year ago to earn Friday medalist honors in qualifying with a 66.

Lebanon High School alums Tyler Silver and Zach Pollard, who qualified with a 69 on Friday, went on to earn the 2013 championship flight title with a 3&1 win over the father-son team of Shane and Nick MacDonald, also of Lebanon.

Pollard will be joined this year by Bentley College teammate Sal Visali of West Barnstable, Mass., while the MacDonalds, who won the TKI in 2010, will team up once again.

The list of notable area golfers who have played on winning Tommy Keane teams over the years includes former Dartmouth All-America Jery Daly, Lebanon’s Rich Parker, who went on to success as a touring professional and now coaches the Dartmouth men’s team; Hanover’s Sam Brackett, who would play for a number of years on the New England pro circuit; Nick MacDonald and Jake Obar, who both played in the U.S. Amateur; and current pro Peter Williamson.

It was a difficult winter for Hanover Country Club but Kirk is confident the competitors who saw the course when it first opened will appreciate where it is now.

“This was the roughest start we’ve had in my tenure,” he said. “The grounds crew has done the best they could with the hand they were dealt and it’s been coming around. The grass is growing and we’ve been rolling the greens.

“It’s in the best condition it could be considering the winter we had.”

Friday Tee Times

Unofficial tee times for Friday qualifying. All off tee No. 1:

8:30 AM         Scott Peters-Andy Hydorn
8:30 AM   Ben Peters-Tom Peters
8:40 AM         Doug Williamson-Jeff King
8:40 AM         Dom Candido-Jeff Cable
8:50 AM         Jim Jankowski-Andrew Jankowski
8:50 AM         Henry McGannon-Jim McGannon
9:00 AM         John Donnelly-Rowley Hazard
9:00 AM         Tyler Hosser-Peter Robitaille
9:10 AM         Doug Daniels-Mike Pollard
9:10 AM         Josh Wilson-Josh Hildebrand
9:20 AM         Lars Whitman-Marc Whitman
9:20 AM         Justin Mock-Christian Mock
9:30 AM         Tim Winslow-Andey Mellow
9:30 AM         Greg Hardy-Ken Goodrow
9:40 AM         Torrey Viger-Matt Wood
9:40 AM         Paolo Bentivoglio-Antonio Bentivoglio
10:00 AM       Jay Mullen-Aaron Mullen
10:00 AM       Mark Lyford-Zach Temple
10:10 AM Taylor Fittro-Greg Genest
10:10 AM Michael Kelley-George Roberge
10:20 AM Jake Obar-Bill Vielleux
10:20 AM Chris House-Ryan Fay
10:30 AM Mark McCaddin-Rick Wetmore
10:30 AM Joe Yukica-Mike Yukica
10:40 AM Jay Harvey-Chris Lincoln
10:40 AM Bob Jacobs-Dan Fitzgerald
10:50 AM  Tim McNeil-Jack Lamborghini
10:50 AM       Bob Donahue-Tim McCarthy
11:10 AM      Scott Sinclair-Joe Roblee
11:10 AM      Tim Wyand-Patrick Norton
11:20 AM      Matt Keane-Tyler Kelly
11:20 AM      Tom Keane-Kevin Johnston
11:30 AM      Jim Keane-Kevin Sullivan
11:30 AM      Chris Keane-Dillon Sass
11:40 AM      Bill Downes-Mike Kenney
11:40 AM      Terry Hall-Jeff Frechette
11:50 AM      David Barlow-John Hennessey
11:50 AM      Ken Blaisdell-Kevin O’Hara
12:00 PM         Evan Campbell-Stuart Williams
12:00 PM       Dan Campbell-Nick Trottier
12:10 PM       Roger Demment-Tag Demment
12:10 PM       Dave Cioffi-Ron Cioffi
12:20 PM         Gary Smith-Matt Lane
12:20 PM       Ryan Bergeron-Cody Dodds
12:30 PM         Joe King-Peter Gaudreau
12:30 PM         Mitch Cable-Mike Hathorn
12:40 PM         Charlie Carr-Matt Spruck
12:40 PM       Shane MacDonald-Nick MacDonald
12:50 PM       Dan Peraza-Pete Bogue
12:50 PM       Dean Cashman-Chris Hynes
1:00 PM         Zach Pollard-Sal Visali
1:00 PM         Nate Choukas-Ben Hayes

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 TKI Information

This is your home for the 2014 Tommy Keane Invitational at Hanover Country Club. Starting with qualifying on Friday there will be hourly updates each day of the event. Full brackets and a story will appear at the end of play Friday with brackets updated hourly on Saturday. There will be stories and pictures each day so be sure to come back and read all about the 39th annual Tommy Keane!

About Tommy Keane

Tommy Keane, born and raised in Arlington, Mass., came to Dartmouth in 1922 as coach of golf and professional at Hanover Country Club and continued in both positions until his retirement in 1966.

His record as a coach was 305-176-5. His 1941 team won the Eastern Intercollegiate Tournament and his 1934 team captured the New England Championship.

An inspiring personality, the genial Keane was a respected teacher of this gentleman's game who encouraged his pupils to strive for excellence. The Tommy Keane Invitational was inaugurated in 1975. The Tommy Keane Award is present annually to the Dartmouth College Champion.

General Information

The Schedule of Events

Previous Tommy Keane Invitational Champions

2013 -- Tyler Silver & Zach Pollard
2012 -- Nick MacDonald, DJ Lantz
2011 -- Dean Cashman, Chris Hynes
2010 -- Shane MacDonald, Nick MacDonald
2009 -- Shane MacDonald, Andy Hydorm
2008 -- Peter Williamson, Doug Williamson
2007 -- Joe King, Sean Lacey
2006 -- Jake Obar, Rex Whitney
2005 -- Matt Uretsky, Chaki Kobayashi
2004 -- Bart Whitney, Rex Whitney
2003 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
2002 -- Co-champs: Scott Peters, Mike Peters; Shane MacDonald, Andy Hydorn
2001 -- Course closed for renovation
2000 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1999 -- Brian Doyle, Craig Steckowych
1998 -- Brian Doyle, Craig Steckowych
1997 -- Brian Doyle, Craig Steckowych
1996 -- Sam Brackett, Charlie Carr
1995 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1994 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1993 -- Jerry LaPlaca, Bill Downes
1992 -- Don Folsom, Brian Doyle
1991 -- Don Folsom, Brian Doyle
1990 -- Don Folsom, Brian Doyle
1989 -- John Esterbrook, Doug Hutchinson
1988 -- Brad Griffin, Rick Woulfe
1987 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1986 -- Brad Griffin, Rick Woulfe
1985 -- Dave Goldstein, Jim Woods
1984 -- Bill Salta, Dan Wilkins
1983 -- Dave Goldstein, Jim Woods
1982 -- Jerry Daly, Tom Mullany
1981 -- Rich Parker, Lafayette Lahaye
1980 -- Art Bemis, John Donnelly
1979 -- Don Beckwith, Pete Moseley
1978 -- Bill Purcell, John Wilkinson
1977 -- Art Bemis, John Donnelly
1976 -- Jerry Daly, Jay Leonard
1975 -- Jerry Daly, Jim Burnett