Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday's Results

Saturday Morning Matches
1. Lantz/McDonald def. 16. Curtis/Kelly 5 & 4
8. King/Lacey def. 9. Waters/Lyon 1 Up
13. Steckowych/Doyle def. 4. Burnett/Burnett 5 & 4
12. Peters/Peters def. 5. MacDonald/Hydorn 3 & 2
2. Vieulleux/Vieulleux def. 15. Yukica/Bentivoglio 5 & 4
7. Cashman/Pollard def. 10. Donnelly/Hazard 2 & 1
14. Hathorn/Cable def. 3. Dardani/Volpe 3 & 2
11. Stinson/Pelletier def. 6. House/Obar 2 Up

Saturday Afternoon Matches
8. King/Lacey def. 1. Lantz/N. McDonald 1 Up
12. S. Peters/M. Peters def. 13. Steckowych/Doyle 1 Up
7. Cashman/Pollard def. 2. D. Vieulleux/B. Vieulleux 4 & 3
11. Stinson/Pelletier def. 14. Hathorn/Cable 2 Up

Sunday Morning Matches
8. King/Lacey vs. 12. S. Peters/M. Peters
7. Cashman/Pollard vs. 11. Stinson/Pelletier

Saturday Morning Matches
16. Goodwin/Gould def. 1. Ware/Gaudreau 2 & 1
9. R. Demment/T. Demment def. 8. Daly/Mullany 1 Up
4. W. Vincent/J. Vincent def. 13. Dupree/Romano 1 Up
5. Leonard/Monahan def. 12. Donahue/McCarthy 2 Up
2. Blaisdell/O’Hara def. 15. Toland/Bacon 3 & 2
10. Beebe/Carlan def. 7. Lincoln/Harvey 1 Up
14. Ames/Carr def. 3. Yaguda/Shepherd 19 Holes
11. Pippin/Byrne def. 6. Interland/Shields 4 & 3

Saturday Afternoon Matches
9. R. Demment/T. Demment def. 15. Goodwin/Gould 2 & 1
5. Leonard/Monahan def. 4. W. Vincent/J. Vincent 4 & 3
2. Blaisdell/O’Hara def. 10. Beebe/Carlan1 Up
14. Ames/Carr def. 11. Pippin/Byrne 4 & 3

Sunday Morning Matches
2. Blaisdell/O’Hara vs. 14. Ames/Carr
5. Leonard/Monahan vs. 9. R. Demment/T. Demment

Saturday Morning Matches
1. K. Keane/Coyne Bye
9. M. Keane/J. Keane def. 8. McCaddin/Wetmore 1 Up
4. K. MacDonald/Hanifan def. 13. Tseckares/Sloyer 3 & 1
5. J. Keane/Sullivan def. 12. Dalimonte/Dunworth 3 & 2
2. Reed/Lyford def. 14. Appleton/Kelly 6 & 4
10.T. Keane/Johnston def. 7. D. Cioffi/R. Cioffi 2 & 1
3. Cross/Vernon def. 14. Franco/Cote 2 & 1
11. Noonan/Frechette def. 6. Hennigar/Mullen 5 & 4

Saturday Afternoon Matches
1. K. Keane/Coyne def. 9. M. Keane/J. Keane 2 Up
4. K. MacDonald/Hanifan def 5. J. Keane/Sullivan 19 holes
10. T. Keane/Johnston def. 2. Reed/Lyford 1 Up
11. Noonan/Frechette def. 3. Cross/Vernon 3 & 2

Sunday Morning Matches
1. K. Keane/Coyne vs 4. K. MacDonald/Hanifan
10. T. Keane/Johnston vs. 11. Noonan/Frechette

Saturday Morning Matches
1. Danyluk/Arnold def. 8. Kenney/McCarthy 1 Up
5. Fitzgerald/Jacobs def. 4. B. Mann/J. Mann 1 Up
6. Downes/Scanlon def. 3. Winslow/Mellow
7. P. Mock/J. Mock def. 2. Spera/Harrison

Saturday Afternoon Matches
5. Fitzgerald/Jacobs def. 1. Danyluk/Arnold 1 Up
6. Downes/Scanlon def. 7. P. Mock/J. Mock

Sunday Morning Matches
5. Fitzgerald/Jacobs vs. 6. Downes/Scanlon

Squaring Off For The Lucky Seventh

Hanover -- Although Mike and Scott Peters couldn’t win their record seventh Tommy Keane Invitational golf championship yesterday afternoon at Hanover Country Club, the brother pairing made sure no one else would reach the milestone this year.

Facing the team of fellow six-time winner Brian Doyle and Craig Steckowych -- Doyle’s partner for the last three of those titles -- the Peters won three holes in a four-hole span of the front nine on the way to a 1-up victory in one of the marquee matches of the 32nd renewal of the TKI.

“The funny thing is I’m a member with those guys down at Portsmouth,” Mike Peters said. “I knew the numbers but I didn’t think about them. This was just a good match against good friends and that’s what this tournament is about. There was even some good golf.”

The difference between the teams on this afternoon wasn’t as much playing good golf as avoiding a little not-so-good golf.

“You don’t want to lose to pars,” Mike Peters said. “No one minds losing to birdies; You don’t want to lose to pars.”

But that’s exactly what Doyle and Steckowych did.

After the Peters evened the afternoon match with a birdie on 4, they won the 5th, 6th and 8th holes with pars. “That, as much as anything, was the match,” Mike Peters said. “They were never able to completely recover after that.”

Not that they didn’t try. Steckowych closed the gap with birdies on 11 and 12. A big Scott Peters birdie on 14 gave his team a little breathing room again, only to see their foes from the Seacoast answer with a birdie on 16. Steckowych sent the match to the final hole with a clutch putt on 17.

“He didn’t make a real good chip by his standards and had about 10-12 feet,” Mike Peters recalled. “It was a brutal curler and he nailed it. Not that it surprised me because he’s one of the best competitors you’ll see.”

The Peters, who began the day with a 3 & 2 win over fellow 2002 co-champions Shane MacDonald and Andy Hydorn, play the team of Joe King and Sean Lacey Sunday morning. King and Lacey advanced with a 1-up win over No. 1 seed Nick MacDonald and Doug Lantz.

The other semifinal pits Dean Cashman and Chris Pollard against Ryerson Stinson and Pat Pelletier. Cashman/Pollard advanced with a 4 & 3 win over the father-son team of Duane and Billy Vielleux while Stinson and Pelletier took a 2 Up victory over Mike Hathorn and Mitch Cable.

The winners of the two morning matches will square off for the TKI championship flight title in the afternoon.

Sat. AM Results

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Third Flight

Second Flight

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First Flight

Championship Flight

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Friday, July 27, 2007

2007 Qualifying

65 (1) Doug Lantz-Nick MacDonald
66 (2) Duane Vielleux-Bill Vielleux
67 (3) Ted Dardani-Noel Volpe
68 (4) Jim Burnett-Joe Burnett
68 (5) Shane MacDonald-Andy Hydorn
69 (6) Chris House-Jake Obar
69 (7) Dean Cashman-Mike Pollard
69 (8) Joe King-Sean Lacey
69 (9) Ned Waters-Steve Lyon
70 (10) John Donnelly-Rowland Hazard
70 (11) Ryerson Stinson-Patrick Pelletier
70 (12) Mike Peters-Scott Peters
71 (13) Craig Steckowych-Brian Doyle
71 (14) Mike Hathorn-Mitch Cable
72 (15) Joe Yukica-Paolo Bentivoglio
72 (16) Darrin Curtis-Mike Kelly

72 (1) Peter Gaudreau-Leet Ware
73 (2) Ken Blaisdell-Kevin O'Hara
73 (3) Stewart Yaguda-Joe Shepherd
73 (4) Will Vincent-Jonathan Vincent
73 (5) Jay Leonard-Tom Monahan
73 (6) Paul Interland-Robert Shields
74 (7) Chris Lincoln-Jay Harvey
74 (8) Jeremiah Daly-Dave Mullany
74 (9) Tag Demment-Roger Demment
74 (10) Rod Beebe-Steve Carlan
75 (11) Tony Pippin-Ted Byrne
76 (12) Bob Donahue-Tim McCarthy
76 (13) Tom Dupree-Jim Romano
76 (14) Jamie Ames-Charlie Carr
77 (15) Rick Toland-Jon Bacon
77 (16) Don Goodwin-Kyle Gould

78 (1) Kevin Keane-Ryan Coyne
78 (2) Jim Reed-Jeffrey Lyford
79 (3) Dale Vernon-Cameron Cross
79 (4) Kevin MacDonald-John Hanifin
79 (5) Jim Keane-Kevin Sullivan
79 (6) Bill Hennigar-Jay Mullen
79 (7) Ron Cioffi-David Cioffi
79 (8) Mark McCaddin-Rick Wetmore
79 (9) Matthew Keane-Jonathan Keane
80 (10) Tom Keane-Kevin Johnson
81 (11) Michael Noonan-Jeff Frechette
81 (12) Joe Dalimonte-Don Dunworth
82 (13) Charles Tseckares-Jack Sloyer
82 (14) Bob Franco-Andrew McCarthy
82 (15) Kevin Appleton-Fred Kelly

83 (1) Larry Danyluk-Charlie Arnold
83 (2) Julian Harrison-Paul Spera
83 (3) Tim Winslow-Andy Mellow
86 (4) John Mann-Bill Mann
89 (5) Dan Fitzgerald-Bob Jacobs
89 (6) Bill Downes-John Scanlon
93 (7) Peter Mock-Justin Mock
98 (8) Michael Kenney-Dennis McCarthy

Low Scores Highlight Qualifying

HANOVER -- The consensus among longtime watchers of the Tommy Keane Invitational at Hanover Country Club after Friday’s stroke play was that the championship flight it produced is strong. Very strong.

Jake Obar, the former Hartford High School standout who teamed with Hanover High product Rex Whitney to win last year’s championship, sees the 32nd renewal of the event the same way.

“It’s a great championship flight,” he said. “The playoff (for the final slots in the championship flight) was one-over and I think it’s been a long time since it’s been that low. Probably since they did the renovations (in 2001). There’s a lot of good scores out there. I mean, 6-under? Even in a two-man, that’s as good as it gets.”

Medalists in stroke play at 65 on the par-71 Hanover layout were University of Hartford player Nick MacDonald of Lebanon and Doug Lantz, a veteran of a number of good runs in the New Hampshire Amateur. Earning the second seed, one shot back, were Duane and Bill Vielleux, the former minor league baseball player out of Hartford High. The father-won team shot a 66.

Onetime Dartmouth golfer Ted Dardani and Noel Volpe claimed the third seed with a 67.
The fourth seed went to Jim Burnett -- the inaugural TKI champion in 1975 -- combining for a 68 while playing for the first time with son Joe.

Shane MacDonald -- father of top-seeded Nick -- joined again this year with Andy Hydorn and his team is seeded fifth after carding a 68.

Obar and Chris House shot a 69 to take the sixth seed, thanks in part to House’s first career hole-in-one on the 145-yard 14th hole.

One more shot back at 70 and seeded 11th are former Hanover High standout Ryerson Stinson and former Lebanon golfer Pat Pelletier (70).

Brothers Scott and Mike Peters, winners of six TKI titles, are seeded 12th after shooting a 1-under 70. “My money would be on them coming in,” said Obar. “They scare me down there.”

Right behind the Peters brothers is six-time champion Brian Doyle, teaming up once again with Craig Steckowcyh, his partner the last three times he won the title. The pair from the Seacoast shot 71, the same as Hartford High co-coach Mike Hathorn, seeded 14th with former Hurricane star, Mitch Cable.

Match play begins this morning. The champions will be crowned Sunday afternoon.

“This is a great tournament,” said Obar. “I look forward to playing in it every year. It doesn’t get any better than this. Great golf with a bunch of great guys. It’s just a great event.”

2007 Teams

Jamie Ames-Charlie Carr
Kevin Appleton-Fred Kelly
Rod Beebe-Steve Carlan
Ken Blaisdell-Kevin O'Hara
Jim Burnett-Joe Burnett
Dean Cashman-Mike Pollard
Ron Cioffi-David Cioffi
Darrin Curtis-Mike Kelly
Joe Dalimonte-Don Dunworth
Jeremiah Daly-Dave Mullany
Larry Danyluk-Charlie Arnold
Ted Dardani-Noel Volpe
Tag Demment-Roger Demment
Bob Donahue-Tim McCarthy
John Donnelly-Rowland Hazard
Bill Downes-John Scanlon
Tom Dupree-Jim Romano
Dan Fitzgerald-Bob Jacobs
Bob Franco-Andrew McCarthy
Peter Gaudreau-Leet Ware
Don Goodwin-Kyle Gould
Julian Harrison-Paul Spera
Mike Hathorn-Mitch Cable
Bill Hennigar-Jay Mullen
Chris House-Jake Obar
Paul Interland-Robert Shields
Kevin Keane-Ryan Coyne
Matthew Keane-Jonathan Keane
Jim Keane-Kevin Sullivan
Tom Keane-Kevin Johnson
Joe King-Sean Lacey
Jay Leonard-Tom Monahan
Chris Lincoln-Jay Harvey
Kevin MacDonald-John Hanifin
Shane MacDonald-Andy Hydorn
John Mann-Bill Mann
Mark McCaddin-Rick Wetmore
Peter Mock-Justin Mock
Michael Noonan-Jeff Frechette
Mike Peters-Scott Peters
Tony Pippin-Ted Byrne
Jim Reed-Jeffrey Lyford
Criag Steckowych-Brian Doyle
Ryerson Stinson-Patrick Pelletier
Rick Toland-Jon Bacon
Chales Tseckares-Jack Sloyer
Dale Vernon-Cameron Cross
Duane Vielleux-Bill Vielleux
Will Vincent-Jonathan Vincent
Ned Waters-Steve Lyon
Tim Winslow-Andy Mellow
Stewart Yaguda-Joe Shepherd
Joe Yukica-Paolo Bentivoglio

Former Winners

2006 -- Jake Obar, Rex Whitney
2005 -- Matt Uretsky, Chaki Kobayashi
2004 -- Bart Whitney, Rex Whitney
2003 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
2002 -- Co-champs: Scott Peters, Mike Peters; Shane MacDonald, Andy Hydorn
2001 -- Course closed for renovation
2000 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1999 -- Brian Doyle, Craig Steckowych
1998 -- Brian Doyle, Craig Steckowych
1997 -- Brian Doyle, Craig Steckowych
1996 -- Sam Brackett, Charlie Carr
1995 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1994 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1993 -- Jerry LaPlaca, Bill Downes
1992 -- Don Folsom, Brian Doyle
1991 -- Don Folsom, Brian Doyle
1990 -- Don Folsom, Brian Doyle
1989 -- John Esterbrook, Doug Hutchinson
1988 -- Brad Griffin, Rick Woulfe
1987 -- Scott Peters, Mike Peters
1986 -- Brad Griffin, Rick Woulfe
1985 -- Dave Goldstein, Jim Woods
1984 -- Bill Salta, Dan Wilkins
1983 -- Dave Goldstein, Jim Woods
1982 -- Jerry Daly, Tom Mullany
1981 -- Rich Parker, Lafayette Lahaye
1980 -- Art Bemis, John Donnelly
1979 -- Don Beckwith, Pete Moseley
1978 -- Bill Purcell, John Wilkinson
1977 -- Art Bemis, John Donnelly
1976 -- Jerry Daly, Jay Leonard
1975 -- Jerry Daly, Jim Burnett